The attractiveness of challenge

Because open source has a different business model, the Akretion team is different. No more expensive and useless commercial who sell dreams to the client hiding the reality. At Akretion no bullshit and unnecessary paperwork! Nothing beats working in confidence. With our experience we know what is possible or not to do in OpenERP and the time required to do it. The time when the commercial promise the moon and the stars with a result far from your expectations is gone. At Akretion the one who sells the project is the one who will do it, so you have a constant main contact from the beginning to the end of the project.


Join us

We want you in our innovative team.


The Akretion's dream team

Renato Lima

More than 11 years experience with Brazilian ERPs and 3 years experience with OpenERP

Raphaël Valyi

More than 5 years experience with OpenERP in France and Brazil ....

Cilene Oliveira

Administration, Human Resource, Customer Relations

Sebastien Beau

Expert in integration of OpenERP with e-commerce platforms

Alexis de Lattre

Specialist in OpenERP and free software

Benoît Guillot

More than 3 years experience in OpenERP

David Beal
Consultant OpenERP

Thiago Moreira

Atua como desenvolvedor OpenERP e ferramentas Pentaho

Florian da Costa

Possui experiência de 1 ano com desenvolvimento OpenERP

Magno Costa
Desenvolvedor OpenERP

Chafique Delli
Consultant OpenERP